Bare Face Selfie Facebook Challenge, with a Twist

Some of you might have seen the challenge going around Facebook lately for females to post images of themselves sans cosmetics. Apparently, it began as a way to raise awareness for breast cancer but as the challenge began to spread, as these viral campaigns are wont to do, the origins of the challenge became diluted or lost entirely (though maybe not for everyone). I can say that, of the dozen beautiful bare faces that filled my Facebook feed, none of them mentioned anything about cancer.

Regardless of the initial intent of the campaign, when I was nominated to participate by the lovely (and smart, fun, friendly, and talented -among other things-) Steph of Mama Haze, I wanted to think about a way to make my contribution about something more than my facial features.

So, I posted this:

Here’s my makeup-less selfie, with a twist: After a chat with my dearest pal, Rhonda, we decided that we already know how beautiful all our gal pals are! What we’re really interested in, however, are all the interesting things they’re up to! So, we thought it would be fun to twist the challenge to include an example of some of the professional, creative, analytical, delicious, maternal, artistic, athletic, etc. endeavours that we’re engaging in these days. We’re also hoping this will encourage people to shift their compliments towards our achievements instead of our appearances.

In addition to my really, really, ridiculously good looking face, here’s a little poem and design I did up with my Wacom tablet.


Then I asked a few friends: “what are your beautiful brains and bodies doing lately?” I’m hoping that gals won’t wait to be tagged and if they’re inclined to participate, they jump right in. Let’s celebrate one another and our accomplishments.

4 thoughts on “Bare Face Selfie Facebook Challenge, with a Twist

  1. I am honestly enjoying the “twists” more than the original “slacktivism” campaign! (I think people putting their money where their gloss-free mouths are would be better for cancer research.) πŸ˜‰

    Your twist is lovely!

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