30 Acts of Kindness (and a free printable)

If you saw my sneak preview post last week you know that I was planning something a bit…labour intensive…for my birthday. Being that it was the big three-oh, I wanted to do something significant to mark the occasion. I’ve been so lucky to have lived thirty happy years supported, safe, warm and well-fed; not everyone is as fortunate. I decided that it would be nice to share some of my good energy with others.
I’ll admit that some of these took place a few days prior to or post my actual birthday (30 is a big number, guys) – but hey, it still counts!
30 acts title
  1. Bake Christmas cookies for a friend
  2. Give a special Secret Pal gift to a co-worker
  3. Pay for stranger’s coffee at Starbucks
  4. Contribute to sponsored Christmas family
  5. Contribute to Shelter Nova Scotia “Warm Words” campaignWarm Words   
  6. Keep Christmas decorating eco-friendly
  7. Donate clothes to Salvation Army Thrift Store
  8. Support ElderDog by getting Rigby’s picture taken with Santa
  9. Spend cuddle time with the cats at Homeward Bound City Pound
  10. Take rescue dog from Homeward Bound City Pound out for a walkHomeward Bound City Pound
  11. Give gift to the Angel Giving Tree
  12. Donate to Halifax’s Out of the Cold winter shelter
  13. Let someone else pick the radio station (even if it’s boring)
  14. Be a Microfinancier
  15. Pick up litter at my neighbourhood parkKeep Warm KitsLitter
  16. Help a flustered lady with her dropped groceries
  17. Hand-make some thoughtful Christmas presents
  18. Provide hygiene kits and stocking stuffers to Phoenix House
  19. Smile at everyone (creepily. lol)
  20. Be a parking fairyHygiene HelpersStocking StuffersParking Fairy
  21. Write Christmas cards for loved ones
  22. Send flowers to someone who is down
  23. Donate food to Feed Nova Scotia
  24. Tell someone special how important they are to me
  25. Anonymously bring free tea for stressed studentsFFree tea for stressed students
  26. Re-distribute found money
  27. Bring food to someone who is hungry
  28. Treat someone to a movie date
  29. Buy a “lucky” lottery ticket for someone else
  30. Display a piece of public art that will bring someone a smileChristmas Cheer
If you feel like spreading some cheer yourself, print off this Christmas Cheer sign, with a quote from the movie Elf! (And if you haven’t seen Elf, get on it.)

11 thoughts on “30 Acts of Kindness (and a free printable)

  1. This is lovely Krista! I have a few good deeds up my sleeve for the holidays, but you’ve given me ideas for more 🙂 I hope you don’t mind if I borrow them 🙂

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