Fast & easy shelf makeover


About a month ago, we found an old wooden stand on the street. It was in pretty good condition, although it was half painted with what looked like primer. We had been meaning to start an indoor veggie and herb garden for a while, so this seemed like a good stand to have. All it needed was a fresh coat of paint!

20131012-084815.jpg Painting is nothing if not glamorous.

We also had one other tall, separable pine shelf, so we decided to paint those too. More colours means more fun! We used those paint colour samplers from Canadian Tire; it only took a few coats in total.

Coincidentally, the plants are doing well. I’m not sure how they will fare over the winter, but we chose cold weather veggies. Surprisingly enough, our cats are leaving them be. I think they are just happy that they can still get to the window sill.


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