Halloween, a time for…sexy pizza, slutty chickens, and cleavagey Kermit the Frog?!?

Halloween, why you gotta be so sexified? Check out LadyAirington’s thoughts on the matter. Or just click to see a sexy Oscar the Grouch.

One 3rd Life Crisis

ImageHalloween is just around the corner and you might be thinking about your costume. I was thinking about it myself and started to ponder the evolution of costumes throughout your 20s. The early 20s seemed to center around costumes intended on revealing the most skin and attracting the most male attention (God, we were pathetic) and harnessed little creativity or brain function.  This was the time when hordes of sexy witches, angels, devils, and kitties wandered the streets and bars. As you get a bit older the costumes got a bit more interesting and have more thought and fabric put into them (hopefully).

I may have evolved to more creative and age appropriate costumes but that does not mean the whole world came with me. Baring witness to costumes over the last few years it seems the sexy costumes of the youngens (apparently this is not a word but I…

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