Fresh Food: Watermelon salad

Hello Halitrax! I’m pretty darn excited to be part of the team. Who am I, you ask? My name is Justine, and I’ve been living in this fine, rainy city for just over 4 years.

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Likes: cats, coffee, scarves, bikes, berries, Bowie. Dislikes: elevators, tidying, mushrooms, CCR.

I care a lot about the three Rs, as well as supporting local farmers, artisans, businesses, and craftspeople. I thought it would be really fun to share simple, delicious recipes that use (mostly) local, seasonal food, and perhaps also to show you guys some of the refashioning, refurbishing and repurposing going on in my life.

Right. Now that we’re acquainted, let’s get on to the good stuff!Β Much like Krista and many others in Halifax, my husband and I buy a weekly CSA share from a local farm. What I like about ours in particular is that the share is available all year, and that we have fruit, veg and meat options all from one convenient pick-up location. These past two weeks, we’ve been getting watermelon in our box!

Hey there, good lookin'! You grow somewhere around here?
Hey there, good lookin’! You grow somewhere round here?

I went to a potluck a few years ago, and one of the attendees brought a watermelon-champagne salad. It stuck in my memory — who makes a salad out of watermelon, and why has it taken so long for me to do the same?! I didn’t have any champagne, but I made do with some other ingredients we had on hand.

you're one in a million, melon!
you’re one in a million, melon!

Watermelon Salad

  • one medium sized watermelon
  • small block feta cheese
  • fresh cilantro (4 sprigs or so)
  • one lime

Cut the melon and feta into cubes. Chop up the cilantro and add to melon/feta mix. Juice the lime over the salad, and mix thoroughly. Keep an eye out for seeds and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Fresh Food: Watermelon salad

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