Unhelpful Recipes: More is More

It was my friend Andrew’s birthday a couple of weekends ago so, wanting to redeem myself from this fiasco, I asked him if I could please, please, please make his cake. And I promised to tone it down this time and really try not to over do it.

He graciously allowed me the privilege…and this was the result:

I started with two flourless dark chocolate cakes. I wanted the cake to be rich but not too sweet. This particular recipe uses very little sugar and the dark chocolate really stands strong as a flavour.

Clearly, one cake would not suffice for my grand plans, so I doubled the recipe.

Flourless Chocolate Cake. It's supposed to be a little sunken in the middle. Don't worry.
Flourless Chocolate Cake. It’s supposed to be a little sunken in the middle. Don’t worry.

The cakes don’t rise like a typical cake would. It’s no big deal though, because I filled up that space with some nicely sliced strawberries.

Sliced Strawberry Layer
Sliced Strawberry Layer

The strawberries are only half the filling though. Come on. You know I wasn’t going to be that simple, right? No way. I had to top those bad boys up with some vanilla bean whipped cream.  You’re welcome to use regular whipped cream though. If you want your cake to be boring or whatever.

Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream
Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream

So, this is where the slightly-sunken centres of the cake really came in handy; I inverted the second cake and contained all the delicious filling between the two like an amazing chocolate pocket of goodness.

Obviously, my work was just beginning. I still needed to ice the cake but I wanted to step it up a notch…So I covered it in chocolate ganache.

And more sliced strawberries.

And some chocolate covered whole strawberries.

Decorated Cake
Decorated Cake

It looks complete now, doesn’t it? If I was reasonable, I would have stopped there.

But no. I couldn’t.

I think I have a real problem.

I went ahead and filled in any white space with more vanilla bean whipped cream.

The Tackiest
The Tackiest

Next time, someone just come over and take the piping bag from my hands. Please.

7 thoughts on “Unhelpful Recipes: More is More

  1. How expensive is it to mail cakes? Just pop one of these bad boys in the post and I will give you a dangerous amount of positive reinforcement.

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