A Typical Saturday or Why I’m Tired or Everything Local

It’s 5:30am and Rigby is worming his way up the bed, forcing me to spoon him and throw in a few belly rubs. Around the same time, Jones begins yowling for his breakfast. This continues for a solid hour whilst I desperately try to ignore him and continue sleeping.

My partner sleeps with earplugs to help him to ignore this kind of disturbance…and possibly to drown out my snoring.

By mid morning, we’re out for a jog with Rigby; training for the Bluenose 5k (I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.), which is coming up in just a couple of short weeks.

Then, it’s down to the dog park for a bit of this:

By noon we’ve started the walk down to the Olympic Centre for the Halifax Spring Crafters Fair, including a pit stop at Java Blend for an iced Americano- a weekend treat.


The fair was awesome, as usual. I scored a few pocket poems from Paisley Chapbook Press and an amazing print from Hello Daylight of a cyclist riding over Citadel Hill with a cat in his basket.

Halifax Spring Craft Fair
Halifax Spring Craft Fair

I have to admit though, the highlight may have been this gem from Woodland Wool:

Grumpy Cat Tea Cosy
Grumpy Cat Tea Cosy

On the way out, we hit up the Food Wolf to split a delicious Thai meatball sandwich. So good!

Heading home included a stop at the vet for some advice on protecting against summer critters and another coffee cupcake stop at FRED.

FRED's lemon ginger mini cupcake. Tastes like sunshine.
FRED’s lemon ginger mini cupcake. Tastes like sunshine.

*deep breath* (We’re mid-afternoon now).

Next we headed to The Halifax Seed company to pick up some gardening essentials. Then to Home Depot for the few items we couldn’t purchase locally (unfortunately).

Halifax Seed Company
Halifax Seed Company

Quick dinner then I was off to Symphony Nova Scotia’s final show of the season: Beethoven’s Ninth. It was fabulous (as usual) and it’s always fun to see a performance of such a popular piece.

P.S. There’s still time to get tickets for Beer and Beethoven this Friday night. It’s always a lot of fun and a great way to support your local symphony!

The night was capped off by a superfun May the 4th party (as in, May the fourth be with you) that was more about scrumptious junk food than Star Wars.

By 2am I was finally at home and in bed with one cat next to my pillow, one at my feet, and a tired puppy at the foot of the bed.

*big yawn*

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