Unhelpful Recipes: La La La Limoncello

Sometimes, you just need a drink.

I love having a nice liqueur to sip on in the evenings, or to mix with a bit of club soda when the weather is warm. Frangelico is delish in the winter but now that the sun is making regular appearances in Halifax, it’s time to enjoy a more spring-timey flavour: LEMON.

It turns out that making limoncello is actually pretty easy. The biggest hurdle is having patience so if you know me, you know that hurdle was more like an electrified fence- I hate waiting!

For the most part, I followed this recipe from Limoncelloquest.com, so I won’t re-invent the wheel here. The main difference is that I used long slices of lemon peel, obtained by a vegetable peeler, rather than the zest of a microplane (primarily because I don’t own a microplane). I was still careful to avoid the pith and think that my peels worked out just fine.

Washing the lemons
Washing the lemons
Carefully peeled to avoid pith
Carefully peeled to avoid pith
So a-peel-ing
So a-peel-ing
Ready to play the waiting game
Ready to play the waiting game
final product: 3 months later
Final product: 3 months later

Since I’ve been giving out some of this sweet nectar as gifts, I also made some fun gift tags to go along with each tiny bottle.

limoncello tags
limoncello tags

Feel free to print this pdf to use for your own limoncello undertaking: Limoncello gift tags


8 thoughts on “Unhelpful Recipes: La La La Limoncello

  1. I deeply enjoyed the last batch you made! Now I just need to fabricate some kind of celebratory event so you will give me more. Cat Lady Day? Lemon Lover’s Day? Janice Needs Stuff Day?

  2. I am here because of the cookies. 🙂

    I have the *best* peelers (I bought a set of three at the Paderno Outlet in Bayer’s Lake) and I would totally have done the same thing. Microplanes aren’t all they’re cracked up to be for every single zest requirement. I mean, let’s face it. After three months would we even notice a difference?

    Anyhoo. All this to say, this is a fun post and I really enjoy all of your Unhelpful Recipes.

    Speaking of which, it was super “Unhelpful” of you to not mention the booze-y base for this recipe! Hee hee! Dare I assume it is Vodka? (I really have no clue.)

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