I’m planning a bachelorette party! Yay!

Except…I haven’t even ever been to a bachlorette party, so I kind of have no idea what to do.

For my own “bachelorette-type party” some of my besties and I spent the weekend at  one of their family cottages in Wallace, NS on the North Shore. It was charming, low-key, and included some delicious wine sampling at nearby Jost Vineyards. (Sidenote: we drank a lot of the hilariously named 4 Skins so the weekend did have a tip-of-the-hat to the traditional phallus-filled bachelorette.)

I feel so special that my kindred spirit from grad school is including me in the wedding party as a bridesmaid (Another sidenote: why is it not bride’s maid?) at her destination wedding in Cancun next month. Since we’re several provinces apart, I haven’t been able to partake in the usual bridesmaidly duties. To remedy this, I volunteered to plan a party for her gal-pals from afar once we’re all together in Mexico. I think the other maids will be happy to offer suggestions but I’m hoping to carry most of the weight of the planning myself.

I’ve picked the theme of Sparkle & Shine.
Maybe I’ve been hearing this song too often on the radio, I’m not sure, but I think it would be fun to have things glitzy with plenty of sparkles and bling.

These are the invitations I designed and I plan to bedazzle them (yes, BEDAZZLE. Jealous?) before mailing them out to the list of invitees

Erica's Bachelorette Invitation
Erica’s Bachelorette Invitation (don’t worry about the plainness, bedazzling is in their future)

Now I just need to arrange for some fun games and activities. I’m also brainstorming ways to include lots of fun BLING.

To be continued.

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