Parks and Recreation Partner Costumes

C’est l’Halloween!

As it’s Wednesday, most of the parties I heard about (including the super-fun one I attended) happened this past weekend. Lucky for you, that means I can share my fabulous costume idea today! You are welcome.

Inspired by one of my favourite shows o’ the moment, I paired one of the main Parks and Recreation characters, Ron Swanson, with one of his identifying character traits: a love of breakfast.

My goal was to make a creative set of costumes for around $10 or less. It was pretty easy to use some of the craft materials I already owned and supplement them with just a few quick items from the dollar store.


  • felt (breakfast, eyebrows, mustache)
  • foam sheet (plate, button)
  • puffy paint (button, tote bags)
  • old tote bags
  • old mug
  • dollar store tablecloth

What do you think? Did we pull it off?

crafty supplies
making breakfast
Ron Swanson necessary accessory
“It’s where I buy all my food…and most of my stuff”

How about you? Any creative and budget-friendly costumes you thought of this Hallowe’en?

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