HRM Votes 2012

Turns out I’m an arts advocate. I’ve always known deep-down in my bones that I support the arts, and believe in their inherent value in society, but only recently have I become comfortable advocating. And since we’ve got a municipal election coming up on October 20, what better time to get advocative?

HRM Municipal Election 2012

Leading up to the municipal election, the Greater Halifax Arts Coalition asked candidates their thoughts on arts funding in HRM, and then posted the responses to share with our community. Check out the site to learn:

1) Who the municipal candidates are and how to contact them;

2) How and where to vote in HRM;

3) The issues facing arts organizations in HRM;

4) And best of all? A whole lot of candidate responses!

If you live in HRM, and you support the arts, this is a must-read. Not only does it list all of the HRM ridings and who is running there (complete with links to maps), but it shares meaningful responses from the candidates in an easy-to-digest format. Absolutely delicious.

Some long-time readers may remember that my very first post on this here blog was also about politics, and my fear that I didn’t know enough to make a good decision. Well, as far as municipal politics and arts funding are concerned, this site sure helps drag me out of ignorance and makes me feel a heckuva lot more informed.

Sure, this site and the candidate responses only focus on arts issues, but in case you weren’t aware, arts funding in HRM is in somewhat of a crisis. A recent study (based on Stats Can and municipal data) shows that Halifax currently gets only 10% of the national average for arts funding. That is beyond brutal, folks.

What do you value? What do the candidates value? These are important things to know. So check out this site, read up on the issues, and get out and vote on October 20!

One thought on “HRM Votes 2012

  1. I wish more people recognized how important the Arts are to society. They’re the basis of culture and really deserve more funding and support. #supportthearts 🙂

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