From Left to Write

Summer is in the rearview mirror and with the looming fall comes a feeling I like to call “September momentum.”

(Most) people are returning from their summers well rested, clear headed, and at least slightly tanned. They’re filling up their schedules and making plans to tackle the projects of the year.

Scheduling can be your worst enemy or your best friend when it comes to making time for an important pastime like writing. For me, having a designated productivity time brings out the procrastinator in me. Instead, I’m the kind of person who lets the spirit move me. When I’m grabbed by some inspiration, I run with it. Sometimes this “run” might last only five or ten minutes. It could be a carved out while I munch away on a lunch break or even as I’m waiting for the water to boil at dinner time.

I also find that recognizing these bursts can be valuable to working towards a specific goal. A few pages here or there can add up quickly. Soon, the more I’ve got on paper, the more I want to get down.

It’s not important that each of these pages, paragraphs, lines, thoughts, or whatever are related to the ones I’ve written previously or even intend to write next. In fact, sometimes it’s fun to leave a thought behind and move onto a new one.

I love coming across a piece I’ve started and abandoned, particularly if I’ve written something in between. I’ll re-approach it with fresh eyes and often end up taking it in a completely different direction.

There must be a good idea somewhere!
There must be a good idea somewhere!

Take a look through your old notebooks or desktop stickies. You might find some unexpected inspiration or something you left just waiting for the momentum to return.

2 thoughts on “From Left to Write

  1. You articulated the struggles of September and writing very well.
    Both rely on a momentum that should, but rarely, lasts through the annual dousing of dreams in November’s frigid waters (by Thor, I hate her!). It’s hard to focus on a single piece of writing. I often get bored very quickly. I am going to take your advice and do the write, release and return method (something I will also try on the BF once I acquire a tattoo gun).

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