Top 5 Writing Implements I Reach for at Work

  1. Free blue promotional pen obtained from a conference. It has a highlighter on the end but the tip is too narrow to highlight a full 12pt font word in one stroke.
  2. Inky green felt-tip pen someone forgot in my office after we had a meeting.
  3. Mechanical pencil left in the desk from person who was in this office several years prior to my arrival. It’s on the last sliver of lead.
  4. Almost dried up dry-erase marker. I’m not sure where this came from. There is nary a white board in sight.
  5. Black sharpie so old that the marker tip is just a protruding ball of fuzz.

Don’t be sad for me though. I have a whole drawer full of new ballpoint pens. I’m just saving them. (They’re kind of boring.)

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Writing Implements I Reach for at Work

  1. Good post Krista! I never thought about writing about my writing instruments before, yet here we are.

    My top 5 writing instruments:

    1. A mechanical Spongebob pencil that a female student left in the class. Like its prepubescent owner, it’s obnoxious and awkward in appearance.
    2. A pile of whiteboard markers. They are dried out points of black fuzz, leaving messy and incomprehensible smears in their wake. Much like my vagina.
    3. A generic wooden pencil sharpened to a deadly point so I may stab at hearts of students’ writing. No eraser.
    4. A pen with multicolored tabs at the top that you push down for different ink colors. I hate it. It’s awkward to hold and writes for shit – a failure of both form and function. Yet I am mysteriously drawn to it. Like I must show my appreciation because it gave me choice. Could this pen be a metaphor for capitalism or just a fat turd of a tool? Think about it.
    5. A stack of red pens that I reach for but then immediately stay my hand. Red marks in or around student names symbolize death in Korean and Chinese cultures. My marks on their papers, on the other hand, only symbolize the demise of their self-esteem.


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