I think it’s time to make rug hooking popular again.

Before I was born, my father started an epic rug hooking project with an image of LOTR Gandalf on a mountain top. The half-finished rug sat in my craft box for most of my childhood, only to disappear into the ether with a collection of other relics from my youth.

If I had a time machine, rescuing that Gandalf rug would most definitely be one of my missions into the past (after I gather a collection of historic figures and make it back to the present just in time for my final oral history presentation*). I would love to know what the completed project would have looked like.

Since it doesn’t appear that I can expect a visit from Rufus anytime soon, I’m going to begin hooking my own rug. As ah-mah-zing as the pattern selection for rug hooking seems to be (Cats in Hats is in my future, people), in the interest of keeping my first-attempt as simple as possible, I’m starting out mono-chromatically.

I’m also leaning towards the idea of re-purposing used fabric in lieu of yarn, and creating something similar to this.

I have yet to find some affordable, small, and targeted-towards-children style starter kits though. Any suggestions are welcome, please and thank you.

I’ll keep you apprised of my progress! Wish me luck!

*San Dimas High School Football RULES!

4 thoughts on “Hooked

  1. I started with a kit from Michael’s, I think. I *still* haven’t finished either of my 2 rug hooking projects. I found it fairly monotonous after awhile.

  2. I’m afraid the same will happen to me (short attention span!), which is why I want to start with something small. I wasn’t able to find any kits on the Michael’s website so thanks for the tip! I’ll be sure to check there next time I’m out that way.

  3. My family goes camping to the same lake every summer. My parents have a friend and he does rug hooking on the beach everyday for a number of hours and cranks through a bunch of projects. He made my parents a 2′ x 4′ one for their 25th wedding anniversary. It’s pretty neat, better have strong wrists ;o)

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