Bend that Band

I’ll admit that it’s hard to get back into the swing of things after eight months of not writing a blog. Can you believe it’s been that long? My iliotibial band sure can…

What’s an iliotibial band, you ask? It’s a pain in the knee, that’s what!

In case it was unclear what a “knee” is.

I first started experiencing trouble around the end of last summer, just about the time that I went gallivanting across Europe. Yeah, perfect timing, right?

You may remember last summer that I bicycled to work pretty much every day. Turns out that’s only a good idea if your seat is adjusted to the proper height. When it’s not, you can start to experience what’s known as Iliotibial Band Syndrome (or IBS, if you wanna confuse yourself and others into thinking you have irritable bowel).

Luckily, I learned some amazing stretches you can do in your very own home to keep those IT bands loose as a goose. Let’s review:

1) This one is known as the “pretzel” – just imagine what it would be like if your body was a pretzel, and then bend that way! Easy peasy.

Best for beginners in bikinis.

2) I call this next one the “wave” – all you have to do is cross your legs and wave at your favourite inspirational photo of Kevin Sorbo. If you watch closely, he’ll wink back.

Especially fun to do in a bikini.

3) Last but not least is my personal favourite, the “twirl sandwich” – just squish yourself up like a soft serve iced cream cone, and voila! You’re golden delicious.

This one’s also known as “the bikini.”

Now you’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to keep those ligaments loose and those bikinis bumpin’. Now get outside and enjoy the sun! And don’t forget your bikini.

3 thoughts on “Bend that Band

  1. When I read “loose as a goose” I always think of that Stuart McLean story about Dave and the Duck (possibly titled Dave and the Duck) where he talks about the origin of the expression and uses the term “goose dingleberry.” 🙂

  2. I love Stuart McLean. Listened to him just this weekend. If anything about this post reminds you of him, then oh man, that’s pretty great.

  3. Also a fantastic thing are rollers! About 3 feet long, 8″ in diameters, hard blue styrofoam. You just roll on it on the floor, using your body weight. Releases the fascia, which can’t be stretched. I roll all the time because my shins, and IT bands get crazy tight from roller skating.

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