Budget Decor: making the most of maps

I love maps. And not because I’m good at reading them or anything. In fact, I’ve been told that I read them incorrectly. When I look at a map, I orient myself as if I’m on the street, walking down the line. I turn the map as I turn corners so that I’m always facing the direction that the street runs.

Whatever. It works.

(EDIT: Apparently, this is the way some pilots are taught to read maps while flying. So maybe I’m just a natural map-reader. I’ll have to remember this next time I’m on a flight and some catastrophe happens to incapacitate the pilot and co-pilot. When a panicked flight attendant yells “can anyone navigate this plane!?” I will rise to the occasion.)

(2nd EDIT: Yes I do understand that knowing how to read a map does not imply that I also know how to fly a plane. Still, if this improbable event were ever to happen I would do everything in my power to keep the plane on course as it nose-dived towards certain destruction. Later, rescuers would find the black box exactly in line with the coordinates of the flight path. You’re welcome, everyone.)

My point is, maps are not just useful for providing directions. You can use them for all sorts of things! They make great wrapping paper and decent shelf paper. You can even spruce up an old shoe box.

Personally, I’ve taken a likin’ to framing maps and using them as wall decor. It sure beats framing photos of friends as a constant reminder of the weirdos I choose to associate myself with.

Here’s what I do:

Step One: Find a good free map. I picked up my adorable map of North End Halifax at a local hair salon.

Map Decor

Step Two: Get some cheap frames. I happened to have some of these from IKEA but you could probably do just as well at Dollarama or your local thrift store.

Step Three: Cut out your favourite places.

Ford Needham Park! Citadel Hill!

Step Four:  Display prominently.

North End Halifax Maps.
Hand-Printed Map of the Great Lakes, a sweet find from Love, Me Boutique.
Frame Cluster!

Sorry guys, but I do love a good frame cluster.

4 thoughts on “Budget Decor: making the most of maps

  1. Actually that is the correct way to read maps.Whomever told you otherwise is incorrect. We were taught in flight school to do the same thing you currently do, move it as you turn.

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