It’s (usually) cool in here

Halifax, as you may well know, is warm today.

I’ve always found talking about the weather pretty torturous. Especially growing up in Saint John, where the frequency of fog only made its discussion an unnecessary and cruel reminder. But the weather is a part of the environment, you see, and therefore a relevant topic for this blog.

How do you keep cool on days like this, all while limiting your energy consumption?

This is the view from my office. Where I am not outside.

Tips, tips, tips:

Cooking in a hot kitchen is no good. If BBQ is an option, choose propane/natural gas for cleaner emissions and more efficient cookery. If it is not an option (because you are like me and let your barbeque rust to pieces), you might find this article useful.

Close your windows in the day time. It also helps with pesky home invasion and you can still appreciate the cool breeze while you’re sleeping the night away.

Turn off/unplug your appliances when they’re not in use (they sap energy and produce more heat).

Air conditioners are rare in the homes I frequent, but I know they’re necessary in places that aren’t here. Use them sparingly if possible. Go for efficient/small machines. Clean them regularly. Keep the outside unit shaded. Use additional fans to circulate the air.

Now for the easy ones:

Have water on hand.

Avoid strenuous activity in peak daylight hours.

Keep in the shade and wear light clothing (in weight and tone).

Swim! Because it’s the most fun of all.

3 thoughts on “It’s (usually) cool in here

  1. So, basically you’re telling me to ditch work and hang out at the beach swimming and relaxing in the shade? I am so on board. Would you mind emailing my boss?

  2. Frances, this is a KILLER topic! I can’t believe we haven’t blogged about it sooner! I have so many thoughts on the subject. Wanna indulge me and read ’em? I know you don’t!

    So, the last two years in a row I’ve vacationed to excessively warm locales, and it’s really interesting to consider how different cultures deal with the heat in different ways. Here in Canada, we seem to go for the all air conditioning, all the time. But in other places, like oh I don’t know, Italy for example? The heat is almost just another excuse to dress down and be sexy!

    Now, that’s not to say that the heat is the same, or that Italians don’t use air conditioning. Cause like, every museum we went to was cool. But in Ottawa and Montreal last year, the humidity was choking, and there were actual advisories issued for people to stay inside, lest risk serious harm or death! Now that’s just insane. So, I can understand why the need for air conditioning in virtually every place you go.

    The other things that worry me about the excessive heat:

    1) Is it getting hotter? Or like, warmer? Globally? Oh gawd.

    2) Why do human beings choose to set up camp in places where we can’t possibly subsist without heating and/or cooling devices? That questions goes back too far, and digs a little too deep, so it’s mainly rhetorical. For those who don’t know what rhetorical means: were you raised in a barn?

    3) I work in an environment which is air conditioned to the point where I’m cold and forced to wear sweaters in the middle of summer. What happened to moderation? I’d be happy with a warm work environment, so long as it’s not hot. Maybe some jerks did a study that showed that people work more efficiently when they are slightly too cold than slightly too warm, so they decided that the FINANCIAL expense of over-air-conditioning was worth it. Not considering the ENVIRONMENTAL impact of such a ludicrous choice.

    Aaaand that ends my rant. Again, what a great post, Frances! 🙂

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