A Dweam Wivin a Dweam

Fresh off the heels of my vacation, I went to a friend’s wedding. I’m always impressed by the creativity and innovation shown in the planning and execution of the weddings I’ve attended. And I don’t mean in terms of the colour schemes.

I guess you could say it’s sort of “trendy” to have a green wedding. And while most often I find trends insulting and confusing, there are definitely some I can get behind. That is, so long as they transcend their trend status and become a lasting institution. Like considering the environment in pretty much everything you do, including when you’re planning for the big day. This is a trend that I can get behind and then wrap my arms around it like an awkward teenager.

Some neat examples of thoughtful environmental choices from weddings I’ve attended over the past few years:

Most recently, in lieu of gifts, wedding invitees were asked to make a small donation to a charity of their choice. You could pick from quite an extensive list of charities, generally with environment and community sustainability at the heart of the institution. I was happy to do this with a few clicks of a button, rather than meander through an out-of-my-price-range store, trying to locate the napkin rings.

Last year, another wedding I attended showcased some ingenuity and environmental consideration by handing out seeds as wedding mementos. In addition, their decorations consisted of local wildflowers and rocks and sand from the nearby area. Such a beautiful and simple way to decorate that you can literally throw out when you’re all done, without producing unnecessary waste.

These are just a couple of recent examples, and even though a lot of people in this world probably do give in to the unfortunate side of weddings (i.e. spending way too much money, demanding excess around every corner, and losing sight of the marriage in favour of the wedding) it also seems as if lots are finding interesting ways to avoid the nonsense. It’s just delightful and inspiring to see people make a go of it in an environmentally conscious way. 

Weddings are not only a great opportunity to make green choices, but they are also a great occasion for community to flourish… of course the booze helps.

3 thoughts on “A Dweam Wivin a Dweam

  1. There are so many ways to lessen your impact when planning a wedding! You can buy used and recycle or upcycle everything from outfits to decorations. Eliminate paper waste by not having print STDs, invitations, maps, response cards, programs, menus, etc. etc. Serve locally sourced food and drinks. The list goes on and on.

    I also think that, while it’s trendy, it also seems to be turning into a norm for our generation. I think more young couples are paying for the event themselves, keeping the budgets a bit tighter than those who have family money for extravagant celebrations. And as we’ve pointed out, budget friendly and green often go hand in hand.

  2. You’ll have to explain to me what a “print STD” is. I received [inadequate] sex education in the 90s, so that acronym means one particular thing to me. Kind of like WWF; ironic, coming from an environmentalist, that it always makes me think of wrestling.

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