Rain, rain, go away.

Thank the Sea Witch, it’s a sunny day in Halifax!

This has been, by far, the rainiest summer of my entire life. But I’m not complaining. Well, I’m complaining a little bit, but it really doesn’t take that much time for me to remember that rain is such a minor quibble compared to the regular summer conditions in other parts of Canada. Seriously.

There were summers when my plans of cycling the downtown trail and visiting local attractions were dashed when excess spring snow melt and rain caused rising water levels to flood parts of downtown and a number of residential areas. (Although I wasn’t even there for the worst of it.)

I’ve lived in places where summer days and nights are so hot, I seriously considered sleeping in a bathtub of cold water. The cooling effect of an icy shower would dissolve into sweat moments after emerging from the bathroom. There was no relief, save for the occasional midnight thundershower. Even then the temperatures would rise quickly immediately following the storm.

I’ve also spent summers in cities where there are days when the air quality is so poor, it isn’t safe to be outside. At first I scoffed at smog warnings. “How bad could it be?” I chided obnoxiously, rolling my eyes. Bad, I discovered. Quite bad, actually. Choking-on-every-breath bad, if you’re dumb enough to ignore the warnings and attempt to go for a jog  through the sculpture park (which I obviously was). Lesson learned.

Mama elephant will save me from the smog!
Mama elephant will save me from the smog!

I’ve already mentioned the perils of the mosquito beasts of Northern Ontario. Of course, itchy bites are sometimes a small price to pay to live in a city with a plethora of swimming, hiking, biking, camping, and every other outdoor activity you can think of.

Almost every Canadian city is great in its own right, including the aforementioned. Each can offer some amazing things to do and see during the summer months. We just need to be aware of the grass is always greener syndrome, and recognize that, while Halifax is the rainiest city this side of Vancouver, we can’t let that keep us from getting out and experiencing all the great events the city has to offer. And when the sun is shining (like today), we especially need to take advantage!

Some examples o’ the moment:

Halifax International Busker Festival is on until 14 August 2011

Ghostbusters is playing tonight (5 August 2011) at the alFresco filmFesto

6 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away.

  1. You can’t really win. These harsh environments (by our moderate standards) are getting worse. And, oh man, that is sad.

    Not to sound defeatist, but the politics of climate change are (unnecessarily) bananas. I may have taken this conversation in a different direction. Discuss.

  2. What makes me even sadder is to think about a future where the ozone layer is so depleted that we can’t even GO outside. Ick. Are we incredibly fortunate or unfortunate to be alive at a time with such an environmental trajectory? Are we sitting on top of an atomic bomb, waiting for it to go off? Or is there still hope for change before the apocalypse is now? I don’t know the answer, but I do know that I’m glad I got to see Venice before it sinks into the sea.

  3. Jan, is the ozone layer still facing further depletion? I thought containing the ozone hole was a rare environmental success (or at least, non-failure) story, but maybe I’m mistaken.

    • You know, I think you might be right. Reports on the subject seem a bit ambiguous, but it looks like the hole in the ozone layer isn’t growing any larger, but the overall levels of ozone in the atmosphere may still be depleting. I could be a little more apprehensive than I should be about the ozone layer disappearing. It’s distinctly possible that this is due to watching that TNG episode too many times – the one where a probe from a long-extinguished planet scans JLP and allows him to relive a life on a world that slowly got eaten up by its sun? Oh god it’s so poignant!

  4. Jan, I think we need to have an Inner Light intervention. Yes, it’s a sweet episode, but do we need to talk about it every day? haha 🙂

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