No Place Like Home

A+ music, drinks, and crowds all just 2.5 hours from Halifax. What more could you ask for? The obnoxiously charming Sackville, New Brunswick hosted Sappy 6 this past weekend. Every one of the attractive attendees had their socks rocked off.


Let me pretend that I saw the secret Arcade Fire concert here instead of the big show in D'mouth the day before. Photo: The Coast.


We must treasure Pat LePoidevin.


... burned the place to the ground.


John K. Samson


Photo: Beer Maven


Waterfowl Park is smack dab downtown. Beautiful AND convenient.

And I don’t even have pictures of star gazing, backyard tent communes, early morning swims in Silver Lake, reconnecting with everyone ever, and watching former James Brown impersonators steal the show.

The friendliest music festival on all of the planet Earth happens in New Brunswick because it is an awesome place where artists and go-getters dream and then those dreams come true. Let’s all plan to go to Sappy 7 next year.  We’ll all fall in love all over again.

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