Pancakes and Parades: Natal Day 2011

This Monday will be my first Natal Day in Nova Scotia. Of course, it’s a holiday across Canada and not just for us lucky NS folk. Some provinces use the opportunity for provincial recognition, as in the case of New Brunswick Day. Other provinces (clearly the more creative ones) circle the date on their calendars with the aptly titled “Civic Holiday.” Joyful.
These ain't no backyard sparklers.

Whatever you call it, it’s a whole day off of work and an opportunity to enjoy a summer day around town. In Halifax, there are so many activities scheduled to celebrate Natal Day, it’s become a whole weekend festival lasting from 28 July- 1 August. Activities include comedy performances, musical guests, a parade, and no-party-would-be-complete-without-them FIREWORKS! *cue applause*
Pancakes, please.

Essentially, this holiday offers the perfect opportunity to get out and experience your hometown. Oh, and I forgot to mention the best event yet; Saturday morning there will be a free pancake breakfast with his underwater excellency, Spongebob Squarepants himself.  Nothing fosters a sense of community more than pancakes. Am I right?

3 thoughts on “Pancakes and Parades: Natal Day 2011

  1. Hurray for Natal Day! A much needed holiday in August. Did you get to eat any free pancakes? They taste so much better when they’re free.

  2. I didn’t indulge in any pancakes, on account of a quick camping trip, but I DID get to see the parade! It made me remember how much I love parades. Especially when the paraders (? marchers? performers? entrants?) throw candy at the spectators.

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