We’ve been working on this Halitrax blog/media platform for three whole months. What have we accomplished? Lots, I’d say (if only from a selfish perspective).

But lately I’ve been feeling out of the loop, community-wise.

It seems a bit silly, considering all of the things that have happening in town. Free jazz concerts, Pride week festivities, and movie screenings on the water front. Activities abound!

It’s just that I haven’t been talking about them. I can start now.

I went to this one show at The Halifax Jazz Fest:

New History of Warfare Vol 2: Judges

Colin Stetson, Jerry Granelli, and Jay Clayton

It wasn’t the most accessible. That’s no presumption about your musical taste; the tickets were expensive (by my standards).  The show was mind blowing and well worth the cost, by the way. But I’m here to promote free/cheap events around the city. So I’ll move on.

(But really. He’s on tour with Bon Iver for the next few months. Try to finagle tickets or just buy the album shown above.)

Moving on, for reals.

What about alFresco filmFesto? Watch Bill Murray classics on the waterfront by donation. There’s a chance he may even show up in person. As ridiculous as that seems, he’s an interesting dude who likes to have fun with strangers. Look into if you want.

Tunes at Noon has been happening for a while. It’s a free noon hour (12:00-1:00) concert series. Shows are three times a week until early September. It showcases the CBC friendly, though diverse, local talent.

Shakespeare by the Sea is featuring The Comedy of Errors, Robin Hood, and Measure for Measure this summer. Embedded links spoiler alert!

There’s all sorts to do. Especially if you like being outside.

7 thoughts on “Community?

  1. haha I didn’t meet him, I just saw him at the Toronto airport. I think he was yelling at some kids. I recognized his voice before I saw him. It was very exciting. I made sure to watch Mom and Dad Save the World when I got home. 🙂

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