For a Good Time Shop at MEC

I’m going on vacation to a faraway land! In an attempt to mitigate the environmental troubles with travel, I’ve tried to be conscientious about my consumer choices leading up to the trip. One serious win has been shopping at Mountain Equipment Co-op. Join me as I share with you some of my sweet finds.

First, check out this snazzy travel pillow, made especially for wimpy necks like mine. After my last plane trip, I was more than willing to shell out a mere 10 bucks for this bad boy. It’s sure to make the long plane ride much more tolerable, and in this fashionable baby-poop green colour, I’m the envy of all my friends! Baby-poop green with envy?

Next, I got me one of these here Nalgenes. Once notorious for leaching BPA, these jars are now as harmless as they are pretty. The one I got only cost around 8 bucks, although there are purely functional options for about half that price. But why drink water from a plain old container when you can drink it from a giant, sparkling jellybean?

Finally, I’m most in love with my brand new sandal-shoe-thingies! I always have trouble buying footwear, being such a big-footed lass. But these ones fit great and are super versatile. Their sandaley goodness cost me about 80 bones, and for the past few weeks my feet have been singing. No, seriously. They won’t shut up. It’s embarrassing.

These treasures are just a few examples of why I love this store. They’ve got great quality gear at a fair price, and they have just about everything you could possibly imagine for hiking, camping and travelling. Plus, they’re a co-operative organization, which is in fact one of the best things about the place.

There are of course other bonuses to shopping at MEC… the place is pretty much filled with wildly  babetastic  dudes. Seriously, it makes me wanna tear off my clothes and die. I don’t think Jesus himself had such a fantastic beard. Merciful marmalade.

I wish you all a great couple of weeks! You’re in for a treat, as Gill is gonna pick up some of the blog slack for me while I’m away. Hurray!

5 thoughts on “For a Good Time Shop at MEC

  1. Yeah, and MEC isn’t a local company, either. I guess conscientious shopping is a little more complicated than the small and local rule. But I still think shopping at small and local businesses is a great thing to do, whenever possible. I guess it’s also important to *sigh* keep up on our facts about different companies and their business practices. So much work! At least MEC has “co-op” right in their name, which makes it that small bit easier.

    I just wish there were more co-ops around here where I could shop. I wonder if there’s been any movement on the Co-op Grocery and Credit Union for Gottingen Street? I would sign up for a membership in a heartbeat, if I knew where and how to do it. Any ideas, internet?

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