Maybe I am a shill: Sappyfest

As you may have noticed, the conditions of the last few months have been dampening.

An unrelenting mess.

But things are looking up! In light of this stretch of decent weather, I’d like to talk about the exciting fun times of the summer to come. This means swimming, BBQs, outdoor concerts, and just hanging around. You can find those things all over the place. But you can find them all together over Natal Day weekend (29-31 July 2011) in Sackville, New Brunswick. This is all about Sappyfest.

I could wax on about the beautiful town (especially in the summer) and the wonderful people, but I won’t. You should go check it out and decide those things for yourself.

The lineup this year looks pretty stellar. If festivals past are any indication, there are sure to be a few barn burners (with plenty of representation from the Polaris prize long list).

The festival is partnered with Picaroon’s Traditional Ales. Based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Picaroon’s is an award winning micro-brewery. I don’t want to seem like a shill, but their Winter Warmer is the best around. With Canadian acts and NB beer, along with Atlantic Canadian grass fed beef as a part of their BBQ spread, Sappy has got local sourcing down pat.

If you’re interested in volunteering, you can email festival coordinator Aly at or call 506 939 3339.

I suggest you try it on for size. But do what you like.



4 thoughts on “Maybe I am a shill: Sappyfest

  1. It’s eco travel! Take a holiday someplace nearby!

    Also, I don’t want to do what I like. I want to do what you tell me to. That’s why I read your posts, to save myself from using valuable brain energy to make my own decisions.

    *ends typing* *powers down*

  2. It is eco travel! Especially when you consider all the poor carpooling concert-goers (like me). Thank you, Krista. I DO have impeccable taste. Just check out my Pierre Cardin socks.

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