Take a Chance

As Frances said to me recently in her utter wisdom, it’s not a bad idea to try and embarrass yourself more. On that note, here’s a podcast we made!

Halitrax Podcast Episode 1: Brand New Complaints

In this inaugural podcast, we discuss some delicious beer, potential developments in the downtown, public transit, the postal strike and more! Also, as you might have guessed, we make an earnest effort to embarrass ourselves, just the right amount.

A community of lego dudes, takin' a chance.

Something I’ve started to think about in keeping this blog is how community often starts with somebody taking a risk. I’m not generally much of a risk-taker, but I envision this as one of those things you put on your “to do list of life” and try to change over time. You aren’t likely to see me go bungee jumping anytime soon, but hopefully this podcast contributes to the attempt. No guarantees about the frequency of future podcasts, but I can promise we’ll do our best to give you everything your heart desires.

Check out this cool discussion series!

It’s More than Buses is a series of public sessions about public transit in HRM, the first of which will be on Tuesday, June 28 from 6-8pm at the World Trade and Convention Centre. You can also check it out on Twitter or Facebook.

8 thoughts on “Take a Chance

  1. Those sessions sounds really interesting. Perhaps I was too quick to complain! Think they’ll address my height-of-handrail issues?

  2. I just hope somebody can clarify for me if I’m still a pedestrian if I take the bus… I suppose it depends on whether you’re sitting or standing? So. Confusing.

  3. I only got to listen to the first few minutes of the podcast so far, but you’re thinking of Alpine: “You gotta live here to get it.” I only now just realised how weird it is that a Maritime beer is called Alpine.

    • Neal says it’s Moosehead beer, in general, is only sold on the east coast (maybe Quebec)… they make Alpine. He also says “Gill should know, she lived right down from the brewery”.

      Enjoyed the podcast!

      • Thank you Rhonda (and Neal) – my New Brunswick friends have definitely instilled in me a love for Moosehead products, so I’m glad we got that one cleared up. Also, I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed the podcast! 🙂

  4. Shauna, you must recognize the keyboard that made those tunes! 🙂

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. We’ll try to get another one on the go soon.

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