Turning a Page

My bedside pile of books to read never gets smaller. If you’re like me, it’s almost as much fun to accumulate new books as it is to get to reading ’em.  So, to continue on with Jan’s Monday post on the awesomeness of free stuff, I decided to share some fantastic book-related sites and programs that will keep us all on top of our summer reading lists in ways that are good for our wallets and the earth.

Locally, Coburg Coffee has a book exchange program. Just drop off a book that you’ve finished, and select one that someone else has left behind.

I think I see Twilight in that pile!
I think I see Twilight in that pile!

There’s a great website, Book Mooch, that facilitates this same idea on a much larger scale. This isn’t necessarily the greenest option, nor the most convenient for Canadians at the moment, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s always better to recycle your goods than not. Plus, the more books you share, the more you’re eligible to receive, meaning you can save those pennies for a summer treat. Perhaps some hand-paddled ice cream from Sugah!

Love to discover lost treasures? Another super fun way to share your paperback pals is to leave it behind for a friend to find. BookCrossing tracks the books you leave around so you can see what kind of journeys they make on their own.

Want something more simple? Trade with a friend! Have a coffee date and book exchange. Just invite a few friends to your local coffee house and have them each bring two books they’re ready to swap.

Of course, quite possibly the best (in every) way to check out some new books for free: the library! Duh.

11 thoughts on “Turning a Page

  1. Nice blog entry. I used to be a member of BookCrossing and left quite a few books out around Halifax.

    And I looove reading in coffee shops.

  2. That’s awesome, Steve! Did you ever check back to find out where they ended up? That could even work as a fun publicity stunt; leaving Halifax Haunts in or near some of the creepy buildings around town!

  3. hahah Since I can’t very well rely on post for the time being, I’ll turn each page of a book into a paper airplane and send them to you one at a time. Sound good?

  4. Our mondo awesome laundromat The Detergency Room also has a book exchange! It truly is a paradise.
    I am a big fan of sharing books, and I’m trying to stop being so anal about getting them back. Have to spread the joy (and also do less re-reading). In high school we used to do a book exchange, and it defo exposed us all to books we normally never would have read.
    Reading! Sharing! Saving money! Trying new things! BOOKS! I’m all twitterpated. I have to go lie down.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, Gill, but isn’t this the second time you’ve posted about your laundromat? It must be *some* laundromat. I’m skeptical of it’s existence.

  6. I fear that I’m the cause of your grief, Gill. I am terrible at returning books. It’s good to know that this is now accepted practice. To the book depository!

  7. Oh Frin Fron, I have many of your books, too. I finished a few of them ages ago – there is no excuse to still have them.

  8. I’m with you, Gill – I’m learning how to let go of books. Lend them out and expect never to get them back. I used to be super pissed if someone borrowed a book and never gave it back. Now, I’m more like mildly pissed.

    Also, this laundromat just might deserve a post of its own!

    And, I wonder what the impact of those e-readers is, environmentally?

  9. Krista, apparently using “some” in that context (i.e. that laundromat is some cool) is a particularly East Coast thing to do. This is what I’ve been told by some people I’ve met from Ontario. Does that mean you’ve successfully assimilated into our culture? That’s some friggin wicket if so.

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