I can’t take it anymore

There was a time when I could handle fun times and late nights. I could run myself ragged traipsing around town in the early mornings of mid-January. Going from show to show and stopping for well shots in between. I could spend hours upon days franticly typing, in a vain attempt at a life of academia. From all of this, I would be hung over or exhausted for maybe one day.

This is no longer the case.

It is hardly a new complaint (if anything can be). Bodies change and lifestyles shift. I just didn’t expect this to hit me so soon. Not that I’m desperate for that old lifestyle. Rather, I would like to avoid the cold symptoms and exhaustion resulting from two consecutive days of moderate drinking.

I wouldn’t say my body is failing me. I failed it for many years and now the punches are a bit harder to take.

This is why I’m starting a new project: Do what my body says. That’s simple enough.

Drink a lot of water

Get enough sleep

Eat healthy and often

Avoid stress

Stay active

Make time for yourself when you need it.

Eating a carrot on a hike. Look at me go!

The list can go on and on. It can mean many different things to many different people. But, I digress.

The message of our blog, so far, has been pretty simple. Let’s actually try to do the things we know are good for us/the environment/the community. It’s tough stuff, that is. But, in my case, when the physical symptoms get going, I try a bit harder at change.

Maybe when it stops raining and I don’t feel like garbage, I’ll forget all about this project. Noting my diet pattern, that’s not a bad prediction. But I hope not and I’m really going to try. In the meantime, I will nap and drop oil of oregano (whether you believe in that stuff or not, it is delicious).

8 thoughts on “I can’t take it anymore

  1. Good plan, France! Personally, I hate being told what to do – even by my body. Alas, I should also probably start listening to what it tells me and respond appropriately, rather than just complaining about feeling crappy/tired/grumpy/etc.

  2. oil of oregano is legit! same as koji berries and hemp hearts mmmm….. i’m going to let this post sink in with a large coffee to start the day.

  3. It’s so hard to admit defeat when your body’s giving you real talk. I felt like a chump when I started to drink moderately and get enough sleep, but man – not being hungo all the time is a sweet, sweet reward.

  4. The night life in Halifax is something I’ve never come across before. I would rarely get home before 4am… and I’m not rocking the Palachay or the Dome.

  5. Francine (because why not call you that) I so hear you on this one. Lately, as in for most of my life, my health has been rather poor. Notably more so when numerous things on that list were not being listened or adhered to. Drinking lots? Staying up late? Eating so poorly that even a box of KD would be a sight for sore eyes? Yeah. It’s easy to slip into that routine. Especially when everyone around you is pulling it off so dern successfully.

    But when my body starts to break down, that’s when I start to listen. Sad that it has to reach that point, but it’s true. And it’s hard to impose any kind of rules to one’s lifestyle, especially when you’re as hedonistic and lazy and stubborn as I am. I think we all have those tendencies from time to time. But I’ve never found it easier to get with it, so to speak, as when I had the support of a community of others who were suffering similarly. Relating these challenges to others, I don’t know, kind of legitimates them in my mind. And then I feel like I’m less alone, and more able to make these choices and implement these changes that, outside of saying no to a delicious cookie now and then, are really not so hard to do.

    That is to say, keep it up, champ. I’m with you on this one.

  6. Amen sister!

    I like how Gill said she felt like a chump when she first started getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. BUT it’s true that it feels so sweet not to be hungover.

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