Kicked to the Curb

I’m a bit of a spendthrift. Not to the point that I prefer a 99 cent burrito to a delicious, local, deservedly more expensive one. But it does mean that I like to feel like I’ve “gotten a deal” on things. And what better deal can you get than getting something for free?

Check out all the free stuff!

This weekend the city of Halifax participated in a Curbside Giveaway, which is one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard of, for a multitude of reasons.

First, it pays heed to my favourite of the 3 Rs: Reusing stuff! Reducing our consumption and recycling our waste is important too, but for me there’s nothing more satisfying than reclaiming something from a trash heap and giving it new life.

Second, it’s an awesome way to find cool and unusual treasures. For example, I found this really cool old picture frame! No idea what I’ll put in it yet (if anything) but it’s so unusual and interesting and I’m glad to welcome it into my home.

I just couldn't pass up this gem.

Third, when we reuse other people’s stuff, it cuts down on the amount of new products that need to be created, packaged and sold. In this respect, it’s a great way to cut back on our chronic consumerism, something even the most environmentally-conscious of Westerners is not immuned to. We like our stuff.

Another little treasure that I discovered this weekend.

Outside of the official Curbside Giveaway weekend, there are organizations in HRM that will accept good used items when you’ve had your fill of them. And I got rid of lots of stuff when I moved by sitting it on the curb for an afternoon with a “free” sign on it. I mean, you gotta respect the neighbours, but if you put something out the day before garbage day with a free sign? It might just find a new home and you might save another perfectly good item from ending up in the landfill.

Here’s hoping you found a special treat this weekend!

12 thoughts on “Kicked to the Curb

  1. I was totally going to talk about this on Friday, Jan! I actually scored a sweet coffee table that was in perfect condition…and is now totally scratched up because I excitedly stuffed it into a trunk before any of my “competition” could snatch it up. It’s awesome and big though. Hooray for free stuff!

  2. I had another post planned, but then I saw so many cool things this weekend that I couldn’t help myself. I’m surprised that this hasn’t happened before now, actually… but we can defos do overlaps, as I’m sure your experience was different than mine. You could take a different slant on it, or something. Alternatively, I could offer you some suggestions for things I was gonna write about… i.e. diets, identifying as an environmentalist, etc.

    More importantly, what are you going to do with your old coffee table? Mail it back to the crying woman you got it from? πŸ™‚

  3. I picked up a computer/sewing desk. Very sturdy with drawers and it’s not very ugly. The only downside being the walk home. My friend and I carried it around the block. I woke up with inflexible arms and sore shoulders and she was all fine. It seems my fitness levels are down.

  4. hahaha I love that. “It’s not very ugly.” That’s what I’m going to say when my friends and family members have babies from now on.

  5. Frances, I could show you some simple yoga poses that’ll buff those arms up in no time! I say this because I’m the queen of weak arms, and I’m always trying to find easy ways of changing this sad reality. The only time I ever felt strong in my whole life was when I used to drive a car with manual steering. Yoga helps, but maybe I need to carry more furniture too? The full-length mirror I got was a bit of a stretch, just in how awkward it was to carry. I realize that my arms are a bit sore, too. Sad.

  6. The last time I woke up with leaden arms was the morning after many rounds of Wii tennis. Who knew that typing and mousing all day doesn’t build muscles?

  7. […] as it is to get to reading ‘em.Β  So, to continue on with Jan’s Monday post on the awesomeness of free stuff, I decided to share some fantastic book-related sites and programs that will keep us all on top of […]

  8. I find doing the plank helps build my arms, as well as my core muscles.

    And that’s my body geekery for today.

    Also, that frame would look sweet over a mirror. Even just hung over a regular square mirror would be cool!

  9. Ahh! Pushups were always my nemeses! You are a trooper for trying them out, Heather. But for someone with an exceptionally weak upper body (i.e. me) they can be quite humiliating. But, plank (a very similar yoga pose) kind of works for me, because you don’t have to get back up into position by “pushing up.” I wonder if a round of plank, cobra, downward dog would be just as good (or better) for upper body strength than doing pushups?

  10. Leah, I’m still debating what to do with the frame, but it just reeks of neat, so I’m sure it’ll look cool whatever I do! πŸ™‚

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