Cool and Buff Sack of Veg

As a researcher, I’ve learned to do many buff and cool things including:

1) Exploring ideas and generating theories;

2) Working with unanticipated changes in circumstance; and

3) Playing a stupid amount of Spider Solitaire.

I really should have a degree in this game.

Unfortunately, it’s kinda hard to do cool and buff things when you feel like a forgotten sack of vegetables festering in somebody’s back porch. Even though I’ve been sick for the past couple weeks, I still get the hankering to explore the intricacies of people’s lived experiences… even when those experiences are shrouded in fertilizer. Let’s consider: what is so friggin’ great about spending time outside?

If you squint, you can see blue skies.

Since Halifax has seen enough rain in the past month to drown fish, the little bit of sun peeking through the clouds this weekend helped me advance beyond feeling like a putrid sack of slimy cucumbers. Spending time outside made me feel calm and cheerful. I definitely still felt tired, but also like I had used my body purposefully, instead of just lying on the couch watching shitty TV dramas all day. Though let’s not kid ourselves; much like my Halitrax counterparts, I love me some good (and not-so-good) television.

It’s definitely groanie, and somewhat ironic, that our lives are privileged in such a way that we find ourselves so easily disconnected from nature. Even in the city, spending time outside can be a good way to combat the unfortunate side-effects of our privileged lifestyle. I also find it’s a good way to remind ourselves that nature is messy, and it’s okay (maybe even a good thing) when our lives are a bit messy too.

So listen. The Halitrax team might just have something special in the works over the next couple of weeks. Keep your eyes open and ears peeled like a banana, fellas.

4 thoughts on “Cool and Buff Sack of Veg

  1. Hahaha, it probably seems a bit excessive. But I was hoping the post might be read by the individual who actually DID leave a steaming pile of rotting vegetables in the back porch of our old house. To the point that by the time we actually found these vegetables, they actually resembled fertilizer more than any kind of rotting thing. They were no longer rotting; they completed the rotting process. They were rotted.

    Add to that, I’ve got an English degree that I don’t wanna leave in the proverbial back porch, if you get my meaning. Metaphors. Onomatoboobadiboo.

  2. I hope you’ve at least begun to feel better, Jinner.

    The outside is pretty great. But when I feel pressured to do anything, exercise or not, I have a swift negative reaction. Don’t tell me what to do! You don’t own me! or something along those lines.

  3. I know what you mean, Fran. It’s like I know that going for a walk will make me feel good, but when I’m not in the mood? Or if someone tells me it’s good for me? It’s next to impossible to get my butt up off that couch.

    I try to avoid that holier-than-thou voice when I’m talking about things that have tended to make me feel better. I hope I was successful this time around, because it drives me crazy when people are like that (I linked to that “Stuff White People Like” page for exactly that reason).

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