Surprisingly Difficult

I watch a considerable amount of television.

My taste is broad. It is more than the respectable HBO. I am up to date on Gossip Girl and have recently started watching Melrose Place (Courtney Thorne-Smith era).

With that, you might think that I exist in a cultural void (which is partly true). But my love of arts culture is only matched by laziness and exhaustion brought on by social situations.

There are reasons for this.

My development as a person with taste (good or bad) happened, for the most part, in a small university town. It was a happy situation; the arts scene was vibrant and there were few other choices for entertainment. When you can depend on everyone you know being in one place, it’s easy to join the fun.

Moving to Halifax, I grew up a little and did not have the community to motivate my arts involvement. I’ve done a few things, but mostly by the encouragement of others. For example:

I went to Wayzgoose, the open house for the Letterpress Gang at Dawson Print Shop, a little while ago. I had a good time and got some prints for home.

Intentionally backward

The effort to attend was minimal, but I still second guessed myself. Why? I don’t quite know. But maybe I’m reluctant to admit just how lazy I can be.

I complain endlessly. But I do have friends who share my interests (I’m super popular, BTW). So I’ll place this call to start a conversation. Let’s talk and get together to do things in the community. Participating or creating, whatever you want.


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8 thoughts on “Surprisingly Difficult

  1. Frin Fron, I feel ya.
    Back when I used to do exciting sports things, it was entirely because my then-boss made it ludicrously easy to join in the fun. Mountain biking? I bought his girlfriend’s old bike and he organized the group, trails, and times and pestered me if I didn’t show. Rock climbing? He ran some open climbing nights at the closest cliff face and made sure I had shoes and gear to borrow.
    It’s sort of the same thing with arts. If you don’t have a friend in the loop, it’s hard to get started. I don’t know what bands are a good bet for dropping 10 bones cover! (Tell me.)
    I still think we should get a sewing night together, because if someone doesn’t teach me how to thread my sewing machine, I’ll never use it >:C

  2. I like to get out and do stuff too…but I also really love my cats. REALLY, really. I also like wearing my pajamas. So, sometimes though I’m interested in a band, play, etc. it’s just not worth the sacrifice. I realize the flaw in this thinking though. We’re young and healthy, and should really take advantage of that more.

    Let’s get started!
    The Halifax Record Fair takes place this weekend at the Halifax forum.

    Also, the Halifax chapter of Dress for Success is having a big sale from Friday to Sunday.
    Let’s buy some fun clothes to bring to SEWING NIGHT and alter to make us look fabulous!

    How’s MP? It seems so sassy and grown up. I was interested in that fancy fantasy-life show too!

  3. Melrose Place is the best. I need to get back into it! Only, I’m caught up with this soul-killing HBO show right now. For shame.

    This is a dilly of a pickle, one that I’ve struggled with a lot due to health issues, lack of energy, and just general laziness. How do we get motivated to DO stuff? To get out there and be an active participant in our communities? Part of it is feeling welcomed; another part is feeling energized. There are lots of events I wish I’d participated in, but I was too sleepy, or not feeling good, or Melrose Place was on…

    I think you’re onto something with the whole start-with-friends and go-from-there. We have a lil craft night, and maybe that leads to a craft fair, and maybe that leads to meeting some neat people who know about other neat events, and then we make some new friends, and so on. Is it a form of social networking? Is that phrase too overused?

    Anyway, I’m up for it. Just let me get over this cold first.

  4. Gill, we could have a bit of sewing at your place. I know your machine isn’t easily transported.

    Krista, I’ll go to both of those. As for MP, it is unbelievably dated. But the sense of superiority is fun.

    I might also propose a zine. We’ve talked about this before, but I think getting suggestions via the comments section (and twitter) could be lucrative. Prove me right, limited readership!

  5. Jinner, I’d say that Melrose Place is more soul-killing than The Wire (but with more pool parties).

    I feel inspired by the turn in the weather. The Commons have started to dry out. It’s prime time for softball. It’s not crafty, but it’s community. We could add that to the list.

  6. Community is a nebulous term no? you don’t necessarily have to go out and ‘join’ in the happenings around the city, as much as just go out and do what you feel -in the city.

    I live in the north end -way north of North Street, and I have some of the same feelings on not feeling welcomed. but then again a lot of that is likely my own doing. nevertheless, I happen to be passionate about a few activities that take me outside and well, there’s just no holding back. run, surf, skate, garden, cook – and spend time with my family.

    what Halifax lacks in some of the culture from other cities I’ve lived in, it gives back in unique landscapes, kind people, and an amazing ocean.

    so glad to find this blog. I will add it my reader!

    • I agree. Community isn’t only about signing up for activities. It develops organically. I’ve felt alienated at times (mostly when I first arrived in the city). But, with a bit of time, things got better and more fun. We started this blog, for instance.

      Glad that you found us.

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