Clown Car

I have a terrible confession. Despite my many droning diatribes on the importance of living and working in the same area, I commute by car to work. I know! There is nothing fun about it. Driving manages to be stressful and boring at the same time, and there is only so much Halifax radio that I can listen to every day (less than my 1.5 hour total commute, for sure). On top of all that, driving is the worst for everything ever. You’re all bright people; I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

Propaganda Remix

After a month at the new job of driving by myself, I have started car pooling. There are SO MANY benefits to car pooling, including saving gas, saving money on gas, and the increased sense of camaraderie from sharing daily trips with three co-workers. But I respect you all too much to conceal my real reason for car pooling: I get to sleep in the backseat while others drive 3-4 days of the week.

Let’s do the (approximate) math!

Assuming I sleep during the 40 minute morning car ride three mornings every week, that is a snazzy 2 extra hours of sleep a week! Almost 100 hours a year! And say I don’t even sleep on the morning drive because I’m so busy chatting with my co-poolers? All together it’s still almost 200 hours annually of being the care free passenger rather than the frazzled driver. That is a sweet bliss, friends.  The sweetest bliss.

Halifax carpool resources:

8 thoughts on “Clown Car

  1. You’ve finally figured out a way to save up sleep hours! And 100 annually at that! Well done!

    I’d like to start car pooling too I think. I’m also a car commuter as the bus is a 30+ minute ride and the drive from my house to my office door is, I kid you not, 4 minutes- 6 if there’s a bit of traffic. Why is there such a huge discrepancy? I think it really says something about the existing public transit system.

    It also makes me think about Our HRM Alliance (, which is currently raising awareness about the detriments of urban sprawl and how, ideally, most people should be able to walk or ride to work. Interesting stuff, I tells ya.

  2. I so dig this post. It’s great that we’ve all got different experiences with how we get to and from work. Honestly, that’s one of the biggest stresses of my day – just getting around the city! Transportation is a huge issue, seemingly for everyone in HRM, and if there are relatively easy ways to make it less terrible, then I’m all for it.

    But mostly, I just enjoy the fact that I can call you “Gillpool: Queen of the Carpool.”

  3. Saving gas is all fine and good, but more importantly, who is in charge of road trip mix tapes? Is there a process for delegating responsibility for taping songs off the radio to create sweet mixes? How custom are the tape cases?

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