Don’t let it bring you down

Jan and I have a lot in common. Not the least of these shared traits is a lean to the left. So, as you can imagine, I found the election results disappointing all the way to heartbreaking. But the Halitrax mandate is to take a positive approach, so here I am, really trying.

I was speaking with a friend just after Conservative majority was declared. I began anticipating the worst (while also feeling a little sorry for myself, naturally). I’m thankful she was there to quell the rage and sadness sweeping through me. With a little perspective she made me realize that the next step, or only step, is to channel this disappointment into something productive.

That advice is as vague as it comes, and I do that intentionally.

Productivity can mean supporting causes close to your heart with any resource you can spare. But it also means challenging yourself to learn and really own your citizenship. I am among the first to become disenchanted and defeatist. But hopefully, along with you fine folks, I’ll break these habits and make choices that are helpful, if nothing else.

I know you don’t like being told what to do, but here are some things I’ll be supporting.

Canadian Federation for Sexual Health

Halifax Media Co-op

(I fear for reproductive rights and the liberal media. If you have any other suggestions, please share.)

So now you know a little bit about me and my interests.

4 thoughts on “Don’t let it bring you down

  1. Well said, France! Productivity here I come! But you are right, I do hate being told what to do…but I’ll make an exception. This time.

  2. Heard this fellow on the radio today and immediately thought of your timely blog! Speaking of positivity, he seemed to have a genuine, if idealistic, view for the future of humanity. Some things to work toward?
    Civilization 2.0

    I really like the idea of productivity being a vague concept. What are we here for Frances?! I’m with Jan on this… tell me what to do!! I think permission and encouragement to explore alternative avenues of productivity is something friends can easily give each other, this blog is already evidence of that.

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