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Get your Ducks in a Row at the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park

I honestly don’t know how I’ve lived in Nova Scotia for 5 years without having visited the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park. Lucky for me, my pal Chloe is one of the extraordinary park guides and was able to give me all the insights on what makes Shubenacadie so special

If you recall a while back I posted about why I’ll never, EVER, swim with dolphins and mentioned how opposed I am to forced captivity and animals for entertainment. Naturally, I had the same questions about Shubenacadie before attending but I was reassured to know that they do not take animals from the wild solely for public display.


The park assuaged my concerns about the adorable (and ferocious) creatures. We can enjoy them while they are in the park but, hopefully, they will be rehabilitated and released.

While they were all super fun to observe, my particular favourites were the wolves. I guess I’m just a dog person at heart.:)

Such a fun day! Have you ever been? What’s your favourite animal to see?


Mahone Bay Picnic

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Friday Favourites

I’ve been lucky to discover all sort of amazing places locally in the HRM lately. I thought I would share some of my new favourites!

Waffle Love

Waffle Love


Waffle Love opened up recently in my neighbourhood. It’s pretty busy around brunch time most weekends but I was finally able to snag an outdoor seat last week (probably because we were there first thing in the morning). The food was delicious and the service was incredible. They even brought some water out for Rigby, who was allowed to lay down in the shade next to the tables while we ate.


Halifax has some great options for good meat. For the past few years I got most of mine from TapRoot Farm‘s CSA. When Highland Drive opened up in the Hydrostone, that was a great option too. I have to say though, my new favourite is the Bedford Basin Farmer’s Market. Paulo the butcher just a gem! He’ll take the time to walk you through how to best prepare and serve his fresh, local options. Plus, it’s always a bonus for me to watch my visiting father attempt to converse en Italiano.

Mahone Bay

Sunny Skies in Mahone Bay

Day Trip

Nova Scotia is just the BEST when it comes to day trip options. You can get almost anywhere fun within a few hours: the Valley, the North Shore, the South Shore…it’s all good! On a recent sunny day, I ventured only an hour west of HFX to Mahone Bay. It’s an adorable seaside town and just bustles with visitors to the local bakeries, antique stores, or just to see the quaint architecture or watch the sail boats. The Lighthouse Route drive is at treat in and of itself. Stop at Bayswater Beach and dip your toes in the ocean on your way!

Mahone Bay Picnic

Picnic in Mahone Bay

How about you? Any new favourites to share?





Unhelpful Recipe: Muffuletta by the Sea

When I was in New Orleans a few years ago, I ate my face off. It was glorious. One of my favourite tasty discoveries was the famous, delectable, belly-filling muffuletta.

Although I’ll never be able to replicate the original pride of Central Grocery in NOLA, I was seeking a perfect picnic for a sunny hike to Duncan’s Cove this weekend. I figured I would give it my best shot and cross my fingers. And folks, I was not disappointed (nor were my pals who devoured their slices in seconds)!

I present to you, Muffuletta: A sandwich love story told in pictures.



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