Ready, Set, Road Trip! Philadelphia for $Free

The only thing better than a super fun road trip, is one that has plenty of activities that won’t break the bank. If you just have a day or two to spend hanging around Philly, here are a few activities you can enjoy for little to no money!

City Hall

City Hall

Stunning Second Empire architecture and often host to community events.

Cost: Free

Benjamin Franklin

Located outside the Masonic Temple is a statue of Benjamin Franklin, patriarch of American Freemasonry. No budget for a tour? High fives are free!

Cost: (High) FiveRead More »

I Cleaned Out my Closet with ThredUP: An Honest Review

You already know I’m a big fan of vintage and thrift shopping. 90% of my wardrobe is second hand clothing, with the exception of a few special pieces. Still, since leaving my office job when I moved to the US, I realized I no longer had a need for the formal and professional clothing that I used to need for running workshops and hosting meetings.

Usually I would just sack up my clothes and donate them — which I still did with a majority of the spoils of my spring cleaning — but I was also intrigued with the idea of making back a bit of cash on some of my nice and rarely-worn pieces. So, I  requested a free clean-out kit from ThredUP and got to work. Read More »